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Write Their Best-Selling Stories since 2013


LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE does not distribute unpublished

manuscripts (in whole or in part) to protect the integrity

of our copyrighted workmanship due to piracy and

unauthorized distribution of our client's intellectual property.

Co-Author an Anthology

When was the last time you actually did something for yourself that had benefits for the long-term? Did you know by just contributing one chapter in an incredible anthology, you are doing just that!

Your 2000-3000 word chapter INCREASES your visibility 15-30x over and you gain 15-30+ endorsements from your fellow co-authors.

Your 100-word bio will professionally promote you to a whole international range of potential customers and you will also gain online reviews of your chapter contribution and publication on various Social Media platforms if you direct your readers to post them.

Your profile picture represents your brand and getting published by contributing a 2000-3000 word chapter will give an opportunity to create residual income from personal book sales, increase your credibility with your newly established title as an internationally published author, and be promoted for years to come!

LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE encourages you to promote three to five of your own social media links such as a Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, personal website, or email to ensure potential business connections contact you directly.

Compile Your Visionary Anthology




To step into a Visionary Leader role is a great leadership opportunity that actually looks good on a resume and in the business community. Therefore, I encourage you to put to use all your past marketing skills and experiences to consider becoming a Compiler of your own amazing anthology.


If you hold onto your vision, you will stay focused and passionate about its high vibration and easily attract contributors into your book by the way you talk and express yourself authentically. People want to be connected with this kind of high vibration energy. You already have what it takes and nothing should stop you from experiencing the exhilarating feeling of having your name on the front cover of a book that you envisioned and invited others to collaborate with you on!


The difference between a co-author and a Visionary Leader is that your unique vision represents your brand and it’s the direction of the contributing stories for the entire anthology.


Did you know that by being published you can do so many MORE things with your book? Here are a few things for you and your co-authors to consider:

  • Everyone can leverage it as a gift for their own workshops or businesses.

  • Everyone can self-generate sales from book signing events at coffee shops, small business venues, etc.

  • Everyone can do pre-order sales where they actually get paid first AND then place their book orders through our Fulfillment services at wholesale price.

  • Everyone can update their professional title, LinkedIn status, and work experience on their resume and public profile.

  • Everyone can offer copies of their book for door prizes at events and conferences where they sign the chapter they wrote and insert their business info in more detail.

  • Everyone can collaborate with you, the Visionary Leader, or any of your co-authors to create workshops and events to sell your books, services, and other products.

  • Everyone can submit copies of the book to radio and television stations for interviews.

  • Everyone can apply for speaking events as an internationally published author.

  • Everyone can build and re-brand themselves and their businesses around their chapter story and personal vision.

  • Everyone can use their own book sales to support and raise funds for causes, charities, or specific organizations they believe in.

  • Anyone can have a vision for their own anthology with THEIR NAME on the FRONT COVER and have the help and support of LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE to attract amazing co-authors who resonate with the vision and build an exciting career around their book.

What’s your plan? Let’s make it happen. Your call now. I would love to help you make this a solid goal for 2023.

Anthology Visions

Legacy Themed Visions

The category of these types of visionary books is:

True Stories of the strength of character, perseverance, courage to overcome, health & wellness, life transformation, revelations based on hindsight & wisdom gained through real-life experiences.

Business Branding Visions

The category of these types of visionary books is:

Your personal brand can be exactly what you choose it to be, regardless of whether you own a business or not.

Business Owner: individuals who know their target audience and what they need. Their book becomes a product that continually drives sales to their high-end services.

Authorpreneur: individuals who may be part of a network marketing organization and have discovered their “Superpower” to get the right attention. They use their secondary passion interest to grow their list of potential partners.

Children's Short Story Visions

The category of these types of visionary books is:

Individuals who want to write children’s stories such as educational, inspirational, adventure, motivational, faith, fiction, or fairy-tales.

Adult Inspirational Soft Fiction

The category of these types of visionary books is:

Individuals who want to write romance, faith-based, or inspirational stories that are not based on true characters.

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