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Meet Your Publisher: Anita Sechesky

Helping You Passionately Put Your Words into Print

*Find Your Success With Our Manuscript Makeover  -  Personalized Book Coaching*

Do You Have Journals, Documents, Diaries or Unfinished Stories, but Don’t Know How to Compile It into a Full Manuscript?

75% of our clients had never been published prior to joining our LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE family. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you are a first-time author. My motto has always been “If you have a story inside, then we need to help you put it into print. No experience necessary.”
As a Certified Professional Coach, I guide my clients in finding their authentic voice through powerful questions and coaching techniques that clarify their message.

What is Book Coaching?

Vision Focused

A good Book Coach helps you find clarity in the confusion. With a defined vision, the GPS for your book writing goals has direction to follow. My clients experience a unique Book Coaching session based on their original manuscript that outlines what their perceived vision is. Surprisingly, this can be different than what they initially believed to be true.

Content Structure

Once the content is suitable for the story line, the structure can easily become established. My clients learn more about themselves by my vision interview process which pulls all the juicy information needed to create their personal content outline for their short story or book.

Content Details

Everyone has a million books inside of them, but what they choose to write is what makes their story worth reading. In a world where everyone seems to be an author, my clients learn quickly what’s needed for them to make their book stand out in the marketplace.

My Holistic Approach

Your experience working with me will enable you to break through self-limiting beliefs and emotional mind games that have prevented you from achieving the publishing goals you have carried within you for so long. Many times, emotional wounds are hidden and we don’t realize how they create stumbling blocks for success. When writing a book to capture your audience, this can become significantly apparent to some individuals as our thought processes are connected to every experience we recall. A healthy approach makes peace for the writer with their past enabling them to articulate a compelling story and if it’s not written from a mind, body, and spirit perspective, your book will quickly lose its essence.

As a Publisher, #1 multiple Best-Selling author, Certified Professional Coach, and Registered Nurse, my combined professional training and first-hand experiences working with individuals from various backgrounds have helped me to understand how our human psyche can either be a source of strength or cause us to become our worst enemy.

You would be surprised how many authors struggle because of internal conflicts that have never been uncovered. Don’t let your unresolved emotions hold you back from becoming published any longer.

How Do I know If Book Coaching is For Me?

If you have wanted to finally complete and publish your book, but never succeeded at it as yet, Book Coaching may be the solution if the following statements apply to you:

Do brilliant book ideas keep popping up in your head?

Your heart says that you are born to be an author because you have so many great ideas, but you never seem to find the time to follow through and get those thoughts into legible completion. Sadly, you quickly lose the motivation to add your finishing touches. Being a person of integrity, you’ve accepted and greatly desire that it’s time to honour your calling and become published as soon as possible.

Does everyone ask you "When are you gonna publish your book?"

Life has given you some incredible moments of courage, strength, and even survival and those closest to you won’t let you forget that because they have personally been impacted by your testimony already. Deep inside, you know you’re emotionally ready to work with an experienced Book Coach who respects your time committment and responsibilities - you just need the accountability and direction. This is why you know an experienced Book Coach will handle your manuscript with the T.L.C that it deserves.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an Author?

Many people have written books, but not everyone should be published before their content has been professionally groomed for publication. If you have a compelling message and it’s becoming stressful carrying it inside for so long and not writing your story, then working with a Book Coach will help you to process your life experiences, emotions, knowledge, and wisdom from your powerful book that will not sink in a sea full of lonely and forgotten publications.

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